What Is Comparable Bracketing and How Do Appraisers Use It

To start with, bracketing is a method of selecting sales with both superior, similar and inferior property features.  For example, your appraiser will look at recent sales that are both smaller, the same size and larger than your home.  The goal is to try and do this for all features that required adjusting (quality, condition, […] read more

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What Can You Do If You Have Issues With Your Appraisal?

It seems a day doesn't go by that don't we receive a phone call about a "bad appraisal" that someone has been given by their bank. People want to know what they can do to fight low appraisals when dealing with a lender and the truth is - there isn't much that can be done. There are a few things you can look for though that may call into question the appraiser's work. read more

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Low Appraisal Killing Your Deal?

Unlike local appraisers who possibly live within your area, AMCs (Appraisal Management Companies) are pretty much taking over assessing homes. This has caused a huge problem because there is no quality assurance that the appraisers on their roster actually have the competency to perform appraisals in your area. For example, appraisers from Dallas coming to […] read more

Are Private Home Appraisals REALLY Private?

I’m often asked by clients “You Don’t Share the Appraisal Report With Anyone Do You?” The answer is not only “No, we don’t”, but that it would be a violation of the USPAP ethics section if we did. Per USPAP here is who we are allowed, or required to share appraisal results with. An appraiser […] read more

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Full or Desktop Appraisal. What’s Best for You?

Here at Real Estate Appraisals Austin we offer several different types of appraisal services to meet the needs of our diverse client base. Naturally this prompts some questions regarding the differences in these services. One of the most common inquiries we receive is; “What is the Difference Between a Full and Desktop Appraisal?” The answer […] read more

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Should You Get an Appraisal for a FSBO?

While it is requirement that a buyer get a home appraisal whenever a bank or lender is involved, there are many situations in which a homeowner can make this decision themselves. A common scenario would be a For Sale by Owner, or FSBO as we call them. Even if you have done your research and […] read more

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How Much is a Second Bathroom Worth?

We take a look at how appraisers use paired sales analysis to determine market value for one or two bathrooms in the Crestview neighborhood of Austin. read more

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The Top Real Estate Scams — Don’t Fall for It

Scams are everywhere. And let’s face it, it’s getting more and more difficult to tell what which real estate offers are legit and which ones are just out to scam you for your money. And as these cons get even more sophisticated and elaborate, here are some of the ways you can easily sniff out […] read more

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Do Enclosed Patios Add Living Area?

Can I count my enclosed patio in the square footage of my home? I have an enclose patio and was wondering if adding it to the total square footage of my home will make a difference in the value and pricing of my home. I am about to list my home for sale and while […] read more

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