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The Top Real Estate Scams — Don’t Fall for It

Scams are everywhere. And let’s face it, it’s getting more and more difficult to tell what which real estate offers are legit and which ones are just out to scam you for your money. Even independent real estate appraisers in Austin have been nearly taken by some of these complex scams. The scams can get…

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Do Enclosed Patios Add Living Area?

Can I count my enclosed patio in the square footage of my home? I have an enclose patio and was wondering if adding it to the total square footage of my home will make a difference in the real estate appraisal I get of my home. I am about to list my home for sale…

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How Do Appraisers Pick Comparables?

If you are out there in a free market to purchase or sell your house, you will likely hear the term “comps” or comparables used more than once. Comparables are usually a topic of great debate between real estate agents, appraisers, loan underwriters, buyers, and sellers throughout the buying and selling process. So… What Are…

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How Do Appraisers Measure Square Footage?

One might think that measuring the square footage of a house for an austin real estate appraisal is pretty simple and methodologically basic. Many of us think that measuring the square footage is all about taking out a measuring tape, perhaps dividing the building area into measurable square partitions, then measuring those partitions and finally…

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