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We’re a little different here at, we don’t believe that one appraisal fits all. As the leading property appraiser in Austin, we offer a multitude of appraisal types and real estate services to fit a variety of needs. Whether it’s an appraisal to determine equity in an estate, or to protest the latest property taxes, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also developed a few additional services that are helpful to those involved in real estate such as home measurements and pre-listing appraisals.

Here is a list of the real estate services we can provide. You can click the title of each to read more about that specific service.

General Value Appraisals

Also known as general value inquiries, these private use appraisals are primarily used for non-financial transactions. They are easier to read and understand than government required forms and cost less too!

Expresss Appraisals

An express appraisal is a limited appraisal in which the appraiser uses only data available from online sources such as tax records and MLS systems to conclude a value for a property. There is no “site visit” or review of the property in the field. These are great if you have photos available and need a fast and accurate value.

PMI Removal

This is the type of appraisal you will need to remove Private Mortgage Insurance from your loan payment. If your home’s value has increased, you may have enough equity to delete your PMI.

Tax Protest, Disputes & Appeals

The most important evidence you can bring to a Tax Protest, whether you’re meeting the board in a formal hearing or a county staff appraiser for an informal hearing, is an appraisal completed by a professional appraiser. We have several years experience completing these types of appraisals for homeowners in all the Central Texas counties.

Home Measurements for Square Footage

Sometime you just aren’t sure exactly of the size of your home. An addition or conversion of an attached structure could require the need of an actual calculation of the Gross Living Area and Square Footage. We offer home measurements with aggregated pricing based on overall size of the home.

Listing Appraisals

Whether you are selling or buying a home, sometimes an expert opinion can provide the final assurance that you need to make a decision. These are great whether you have a Realtor or you are dealing with a FSBO listing. Since all full appraisals require measurement of the home, you’ll also be assured of the homes actual Square Footage!

Divorce, Estate & Probate

Whenever real estate or a parcel of land is involved in a legal matter, an appraisal is almost always needed to determine value – past, present or future. Our appraisal reports are detailed and concise, providing an exact number for the courts to use for a basis of value.

Investment & Rental Property

Whether you own a single family home, duplexes or several properties knowing their value, cost of operation, and predicting market trends is an important part of managing your investment. We offer advanced appraisals specifically for investment property which calculate these important metrics as well as compare rents and market trends… all the information that is critical for a landlord!

Home Insurance Concerns

Damage to your home can bring into question value of the property. Obtaining an accurate value from a reliable appraiser is the first step to dealing with insurance companies. Our appraisers are experienced in performing appraisals for simple home damage claims to more complex matters such as flooding and fire. Appraisers are also contracted to perform valuations for real estate title insurance purposes.

Private Lending

Private lenders are those that are loaning their own money, or are not planning on securitizing the loan or selling it on the secondary market. These lenders are permitted to order an appraisal service from any appraiser they wish – since it is their money involved in making the loan.

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