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Hire the #1 Austin real estate appraisal company. If you're looking for fast and professional real estate appraisal services in Austin, TX then you've come to right place. Our Texas certified appraisers are all local, living and working right here in Austin, with years of experience appraising residential and commercial properties in the Central Texas market area. Our competitive appraisal fees, wide-ranging experience, and fast service have made us the top appraisal firm in Austin, TX offering independent appraisal services.

Our Austin Property Appraisal Services

We've been providing real property valuations services for the Austin Metro area for over 15 years. Our appraisers have the experience needed to handle even the most complex of appraisal assignments. We offer many different types of appraisal services to accommodate most any valuation requirement. Our professional appraisers work with direct lenders, homeowners, attorneys, investors, Realtors and more. And when it comes to turn times and appraisal fees, we simply cannot be beat!

Please look over the rest of our website to learn more about all of our home appraisal services and how we may help you with your Austin real estate appraisal needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the online form or call us directly.

Fast & Accurate Real Estate Appraisals For

General Value

If you are just curious what a property is worth then this is the real estate appraisal for you. These "user-friendly", easy to understand reports are great for various uses. These are also commonly used as a pre-sale tool to set a listing value and help sell a home at the best price.

Tax Protest / Disputes

Protesting your Austin property appraisal taxes can be a tough battle, but it is even harder to win if you do not go prepared. A current appraisal of your property is the most effective tool you can take with you to your hearing. In most cases you can avoid a hearing altogether with a well written appraisal.

Divorce, Estate & Probate

Legal matters can bring about questions of a properties value both current and retrospective. We have years of experience performing appraisals for attorneys and estate planners.

PMI Removal

Private mortgage insurance is a premium paid by most borrowers who have less than 20%-25% equity in their homes. However, once you reach the required amount of equity you can have your PMI removed from your mortgage payment.

Private Lending

Nowadays the majority of home loans are ordered by a lender through a 3rd party, leaving home buyers to chance their appraisal to a random appraiser. If you happen to be working with a direct lender, you can likely choose your appraiser. Ask your mortgage company or lender if you are able to provide them with the name and contact information of your preferred home appraiser.

Investment & Rentals

Whether you are looking to purchase or currently own investment property, there are many situations in which you may need an accurate appraisal to help with your financial planning.

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Hire The Best Real Estate Appraisers in Austin

Local Expertise: Our real estate appraisers are all local to Central Texas and experts in the market area. Unlike many "Management Companies" that contract appraisers from out of area to perform valuation assignments, we are located right here in Austin. We know how to "Keep Austin Weird", what ACL stands for and where to find Leslie (RIP).

Faster Appraisals: A typical home appraisal requires a great deal of research, travel to and from the subject property, report writing and finally, delivery of the report to the client. A good appraisal company will take 3-5 business days to complete the appraisal process from the time of site visit until the report is delivered. But who wants to be just a GOOD appraisal company? So our reports are guaranteed to be delivered within 2 business days from the site visit. And to top it off, we offer a rush 24Hr appraisal service for those that need the appraisal ASAP!

Lower Fees: We strive to provide cost effective appraisal services that exceeds our customers' expectations without putting a hole in their wallet! You can search around but we'll just go ahead a tell you. On average, our appraisal fees are about 15% lower than any of our competitors. This doesn't mean our appraisal services are inferior; in fact, you'll find that our reports are more complete and thoroughly researched that what many other companies offer. This is because we have made smart investments in technology that allow us to charge less for our services.

Better Technology: To be more in-depth, our advanced tools and software allow us to gather and dissect market data faster resulting in the ability to perform more appraisals in less time. With the use of tablet PCs in the field, we've removed redundant data entry of the past. And laser measuring devices allow us to calculate your homes square footage and GLA much faster. The appraisal software we use is top of the line and speeds up the process of writing and compiling reports. Finally, we've had several in-house applications created to make researching and understanding market data and trends much easier as well.

Smarter Reports: The final report that will be sent to you will be a full color PDF document with all the data you should need to fully understand how the value of your home was concluded. We strive to make these reports easier to understand and full of informative data.

Types of Properties: Some appraisal firms only appraise certain property types. We provide services for residential or commercial properties, simple or complex. These include single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condos, investment properties, lakefront and rural homes.

Common Questions About Real Estate Appraisals in Austin

  • How Much Does a Typical Home Appraisal Cost in Austin?
    "Typical" is a somewhat subjective term. What's more important is being "typical" for your market area / neighborhood, as this is what determines difficulty in finding comparable properties for the appraisal. For example, a single-family home of average size, located in a tract built subdivision usually costs between $375-$425 to appraise, depending on size and features.
  • Why Are Real Estate Appraisals So Expensive?
    Real estate appraising is an excessively regulated field with numerous fees, certifications, insurance, and continuing education costs that an appraiser must pay every year to remain in compliance. Appraising homes is in truth very skilled work that is hard to do and requires hours of research to finish a full appraisal. Even if a property appraiser has completed an appraisal for a similar home, they nevertheless are required to evaluate all of the data inside the present timeframe to determine an accurate current value.
  • Why Are Builder Houses Selling Higher Than Resales?
    Mainly Because a new, never occupied property has not yet realized any depreciation, it will appraise for more than a similar resale. Though any buildings will depreciate, land is immune to depreciation. The materials and systems used for building deteriorate over the years and eventually require replacing. Point in fact, almost all 30-year roofs typically require replacement somewhere near twenty years. Another important consideration is that new construction properties allow the buyer to chose exactly what they want, which the majority of homebuyers are willing to pay additional for.
  • What Documentation Should I Have Ready Before The Appraisal?
    Though a house appraiser is required to research and gather all his or her own data, it’s always best to present anything and everything you feel may support the appraisal. Though usually unnecessary, the following records could be helpful to your appraiser: A property survey that details all structures. Deeds or title record which contain a legal description. If selling, a record of personal property that will be included in the purchase. A record of any renovations, changes, or updates performed on the home. A copy of your floorplans or a blueprint of the home is typically helpful to the appraiser as well.
  • If My Appraisal Comes In Above Than My Assessed Value, Could My Property Tax Bill Go Up?
    Your appraisal does not affect your current property tax bill. The appraisal is discussed only between you and the appraiser, and your bank if you are getting a loan. A home appraiser is required to preserve confidentiality with the client, which would generally be you (if you requested the appraisal) or the bank (in a financial related appraisal), not the local tax authorities. An independent appraisal is solely for the use of the customer and will not shared at any time with third parties unless decided by the the customer, such as an opportunity to protest property tax assessments.
  • What Does A Real Estate Appraiser Consider When Valuing A Property?
    A home appraiser is required to to report the condition of the property, both inside and external, the size from the floorplan or measurement, and options such as amount of remodeling including any updates as well as the total build quality. The appraiser considers only items that are "real property". Real property comprises the physical land and appurtenances made to the land such as a underground pools, a built-in gazebo, vehicle storage, and outdoor kitchens. To determine the gross living area of a home, a real estate appraiser will usually perform measurements from the exterior initially. This allows him or her to study the exterior grounds and determine what is part of the gross living area. Once your Austin real estate appraiser has calculated the exterior measurements, they will then enter the property to measure non-living area and any second floor GLA. Non-living areas, such as garages or covered porches, aren't included in the calculation, but are listed and given consideration in estimate of sales price separately.

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