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Home Appraisal Cost in Austin


If you’re researching appraisal fees you will find that the typical residential appraisal fee for a single family home in Austin, TX is going to be between $450 to $800. As you’ll see below, we’re not quite the cheapest, but we’re far from being the most costly. In addition to our very competitive pricing, our investment into the latest technologies has allowed us to streamline our appraisal process which helps us keep our Austin appraisal costs low while still delivering a superior quality appraisal report.

Below is a fairly exhaustive list of the many appraisal and real estate services we offer. Most homeowner services are located under the Non-Financial List while appraisals for lending purposes will be listed in the Financial Transaction area. Please refer to the Our Services page for a more detailed explanation of each appraisal type.

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Private Use / Non-Financial Appraisal Fees (Starting From)

Service Typical Fee
Single Family Full Appraisal $620
Single Family Exterior Only $602
Desktop Full (No Site Visit) $530
Limited Desktop (No Site Visit) $278
Land Only Appraisal $521
Tax Protest $620
PMI Removal $620
Multi Family $710
Single Family Investment w/ Rental $710
Multi Family Investment w/ Rental $855

Financial Transaction Appraisal Fees (Starting At)

Service Typical Fee
Single Family – 1004 $620
Single Family – FHA $935
Exterior Only – 2055 $611
SFR Field Review – 2000 $611
Condo – 1073 $620
Condo Exterior Only – 1075 $611
Raw Land or Lot $602
Small Income SFR – 1025 $710
Duplex – 1025 / 1007 / 216 $800
Four Plex – 1025 / 1007 / 216 $901
Property Inspection – 2075 $350
Condition & Marketability – 2070 $350
Desk Review $350
Update / Completion – 442 or 1004D $278

Commercial Appraisal Cost in Austin

We provide quotes for commercial property assignments on a case-by-case basis. This is due to the various assignment types and complexities involved with these types of valuations. All fees for commercial property will be provided after a full review of the assignment.

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FAQ About Our Austin Real Estate Appraisal Services

head-sep If my appraisal is higher than my tax value, could my real estate tax bill go up? Expand

A tax collector researches recently sold homes to indicate the appraised value, they do not rely on independent appraisals. A property appraiser is required to preserve confidentiality with the client, which would usually be you (if you ordered the appraisal) or the bank (in a financial related appraisal), not the county tax authorities. An independent appraisal is solely for the use of the individual and will not shared at any point with 3rd parties unless determined by the individual, such as an opportunity to dispute property tax values.

Will a house appraiser need to calculate measurements of the house? Expand

A home appraiser is usually expected to verify the actual living area and gross building calculations of all structures on the property. Measurements are performed from the exterior using ANSI guidelines though the appraiser may be required finish inside measurements for multi-story houses. House appraisers are permitted to round up to the closest foot per accepted guidelines, but this is typically rare. If you hold any docs that accurately depicts the the measurements then I recommend having that for the appraiser’s review .

What sources do appraisers utilize when analyzing data? Expand

One tool home appraisers depend on most when appraising a property, is the local MLS. They utilize this to assemble specifics about recently sold properties known as comparable properties. The quality and reliability of each sample of data is reviewed by the appraiser. A property appraiser may use information supplied by the customer or a real estate agent so long as that information can be verified as true and accurate.

Why do appraisals cost so much? Expand

Appraisers are burdensomely regulated and are required to maintain certifications, professional associations, MLS access and professional education, all of which come with costs. Appraising real property is actually professionally technical employment that is difficult to perform and takes hours of work to finish an accurate appraisal. There exist no “templates” and each home is an individual challenge not to mention it needs to be compared to the current market. Once all expenses are subtracted|you deduct all expenses from an appraisers earning, the average made per hour is much lower than most would think.

We provide real estate appraisals and related services to the following cities, towns and communities across the Austin metro area. We cover a large portion of Central Texas – if you don’t see your area below, please call to confirm with one of our friendly staff.

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