Desktop Express Appraisals

Need an Austin appraisal fast? Want to save money on that appraisal and receive a report within 24 hours? Introducing our desktop express appraisal service!

Our express appraisal service was developed to fulfill a need we saw for a less expensive, yet thoroughly researched appraisal product that still provides an accurate and reliable valuation. We’ve successfully bridged the gap between expensive and lengthy mortgage appraisals and the often inaccurate and misleading online values given by sites like Zillow.

So What is a Desktop Express Appraisal?

The appraisal is, as the name implies, performed in-office without a site visit to the subject property. This is the only difference between the full appraisal and the express version; all the research and methodology used is exactly the same. Even the form the report is written on is the same. While we don’t provide desktop reports for commercial appraisals, we can provide limited scope reports that reduce the cost.

How Accurate is the Report?

Very accurate so long as the data provided to us is true and correct. Instead of the appraiser gathering specifics about the property in person, we rely on third party information: This data can be submitted by the homeowner, Realtor, builder, or the client themselves. The appraiser will then utilize various free and subscription based online services for information such as tax records, sale history, flood zoning and more.

With technology being what it is now days, there is less need for an appraiser to leave the office to perform an appraisal. Detailed property information, tax records, sales history, mortgage history, aerial maps, topographical maps and more are readily available online to an appraiser of real estate.


What is Included in the Report?

Just like our full appraisals, an express appraisal is thoroughly researched and well written with the average report coming in just over 20+ pages long. But don’t worry, you don’t need to read the entire report or be a mortgage underwriter to make sense of it all. We’ve opted to use a custom reporting format that is both straight-forward and informative.

Some of The Items You Will Find in Your Report Include:

– Five Year Market Research and Trends Addendum (6 Pages!)
– Sales Comparison of 3-6 Properties in the Market
– Line Item Adjustments and Photos of Comparables
– Final Reconciliation of Value Based on Sales (Income & Cost Approaches Available)
– Subject and Comparable Property Location Maps
– Subject Aerial Map
– Flood Zone Determination and Mapping
– Plat Map (If Available)
– Appraiser’s Signature


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Is an Express Appraisal Right For You?

More accurate than any online appraisal service, half the cost of a full appraisal, and performed by an experienced residential appraiser makes our express appraisals the perfect solution for many of our clients. Realtors especially love our reports and many use them as part of their open house information packets. Similarly, investors and clients looking to renovate often use our desktop appraisals to determine an “after repair value” on properties before they begin any updates.

Unfortunately an express appraisal cannot be used when the size of the home is in question. For this, an appraiser MUST come to the property and physically measure the structure(s). This type of appraisal is also not recommend if the property has extensive damages that may not be fully understood through photographs.

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