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We provide real estate appraisal services in the West Lake Hills, TX area for numerous uses including mortgages, refinances, divorce, PMI removal, estate planning, tax disputes or appeals, selling and general value inquiries to name a few. We provide these real estate services to homeowners, mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, attorneys, investors and Realtors with the majority of our work coming by way of referrals from local Realtors and mortgage brokers.

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As one of the leading providers of residential and commercial appraisal services in the West Lake Hills area, our Texas certified appraisers can help you with values for both private and banking use. We strive to provide an appraisal service that exceeds our clients’ needs and is delivered with an industry leading turn time. Our appraisal costs are highly competitive and we take pride in having one of the fastest appraisal turn times in the area.

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Quicker Reporting – Most Appraisals Are Finished Inside Of 3 Business Days
Expertise – Hometown Real Estate Appraisers That Know Central Texas
Honest Pricing – We Don’t Bill For Extras And Report Types You Don’t Need
No Trainees Or Apprentices – All Valuations Are Completed By Licensed Appraisers
Professional Services – Our Staff Is Always Helpful, Accommodating And Competent

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  • Single-Family Homes
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  • Condos
  • Lakefront & Waterfront Properties
  • Duplexes to Four Plexes
  • Investment and Rental Property
  • Vacant or Raw Land
  • Small to Medium Commercial

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Market Data & Historical Information for West Lake Hills:

West Lake Hills, Texas is one of the more valuable residential suburbs of Austin.  Located in Travis County, it has a relatively modest history and is moderately young, especially in comparison to some of the historically rich suburbs of the Austin area.

The town was incorporated in 1953 and was created as a small, family oriented suburb for the workers of the city.  The city grew very slowly and has continued its growth at the same slow pace.  In 1960, the population was approximately 700 people.  By 1970, it had doubled to around 1400 people.  It continued to grow at a similar pace ever since.  In 1980 it had around 1900 residents, about 2500 in 2000, and a little more than 3100 in 2008.

What started as a humble residential area on the outskirts of Austin has changed into something quite different along the way.  Whereas it was initially an area created for blue collar workers, it has now become one of the higher-end suburbs of the Austin area.

All of the average financial figures of the town are considerably higher than those of most of the other Austin suburbs, from median income, to per capita income, to median home price.  The Median income in West Lake Hills is a little over $130,000 a year.  The average for the rest of Texas is only little more than $47,000.  The per capita average income for the town is slightly more than $66,000, almost $40,000 per year higher than the average per capita income of the rest of the state.

Unlike the rest of the nation, the average home price in West Lake Hills has not seen a rapid decline in the last few years.  It seems as though the village as a whole has been largely unaffected by the housing crisis and recession that has affected so many other Austin areas and suburbs.  In 2000, the average home price in West Lake Hills was $300,400.  By the last fiscal quarter, that price had risen to over $505,000.  To put this in perspective, the average home price for the entire state of Texas is only $120,900.

The area continues to be a town that is in high demand, and the properties located within it maintain a high level of desirability. West Lake Hills has elevated itself to a very desirable level of distinction. It is not surprising to find multiple million dollar properties for sale in the town of West Lake Hills, however, the one trend that has been universal, even in this austere suburb, has been the decline in the number of sales.  There are two main factors to this phenomenon.  First, once people have a home in the town, they typically do not want to leave. And second, as a recession hits, it becomes harder for new people to afford homes in the area.

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Ed came out on short notice to measure a new home I was in the process of purchasing. He was professional and honest in his work. I found him online and it was not through my lender. I wanted an independent appraiser since the lender was connected to my builder. Definitely will use him again if I ever needed to. I was a first time home buyer and he was fair to me and helpful. Thank Ed!
Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen
The realtor that came out was very professional and thorough. I would recommend this service.
Nancy Crow
Nancy Crow
This company is contracted to my mortgage company for market appraisals to remove PMI. They contacted me right away and had the whole thing turned around in less than a week. Appreciate the speed and the quality of the service and would definitely recommend.
Jeanna Kozak
Jeanna Kozak
I was able to schedule an appraisal just two days after contacting the company. Likely this was a fluke, but it worked well for me! Our appraiser was a bit late, but that was the fault of the previous appointment. Once he arrived, he listened to everything we pointed out. Our appraisal was fair for our neighborhood we thought and the report arrived about 8 days after the appointment. We are happy and will recommend Real Estate Appraisals Austin to any others we know.
Leah L
Leah L
We used Real Estate Appraisals Austin and found them to be very professional, accommodating and efficient. Their work product was thorough and very well presented. We would definitely recommend them and would use them again.
Calvin Porter
Calvin Porter
I recently had a rental appraisal of my property. The appraiser showed up on time and did a thorough analysis. The report took a week, but it was very thorough. I am very happy with the appraiser and the report.
Karthik Manamcheri
Karthik Manamcheri
We recently used Real Estate Appraisals Austin to appraise a property we have owned over 15 years and have had multiple offers to sell. Michelle was very helpful and professional in coordinating with our property manager. She responds very quickly to calls or emails. Edward did a thorough appraisal and took the time to call and discuss details. I definitely would recommend this company to anyone considering an appraisal in Austin. The price was very reasonable, I felt, for the value we received.
Lorrie Coles
Lorrie Coles