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As a local Austin real estate appraisal company we provide services in the Lakeway, TX area for numerous uses including mortgages, refinances, divorce, PMI removal, estate planning, tax disputes or appeals, selling and general value inquiries to name a few. We provide these real estate services to homeowners, mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, attorneys, investors and Realtors with the majority of our work coming by way of referrals from local Realtors and mortgage brokers.


Why Are We the Best Lakeway Real Estate Appraisal Company?

Efficient Service – Our Appraisers Set Up & Complete Reports Faster Than Our Competition
We’re All Local – Our Appraisers Are Familiar With Central Texas Because They Reside Here
Affordable Fees – We Do Not Charge For Forms You Do Not Require
No On The Job Training – All Appraisers Are Fully Certified By The State Of Texas
People-Focused Services – Our Staff Members Are Always Friendly, Accommodating And Competent


Local Lakeway Appraisers Providing Property Valuations For:

Single-Family Homes
Multi-Family Homes
Lakefront & Waterfront Properties
Duplexes to Four Plexes
Investment and Rental Property
Vacant or Raw Land
Small to Medium Commercial


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Market Data & Historical Information for Lakeway:

The small, beachfront community of Lakeway, Texas is an interesting city with a success story all its own. What started as a simple beachfront resort on Lake Travis has slowly become more than just a small community but an actual functioning municipality based on the ideals of small town living and beachfront relaxation.

The small community started out as nothing more than a small beachfront resort. Opened in 1962, the Lakeway resort and spa hotel was intended to simply be another stop on the beach of Lake Travis. However, the level of detail put into construction of the resort made a very popular destination, and very quickly the surrounding land plots were split up and began to be sold. Initially, these plots were sold to Austin residents, and for the most part the homes that were built on these plots were all second homes and vacation properties.

The beauty of the area proved to be too much temptation for the owners of these properties, however. Slowly the owners of the homes started staying longer and longer, and eventually what started as a beachfront resort turned into a small beachfront community. The community slowly grew and became a popular destination for Austin residents.

When Austin saw its great population explosion of the 1970s, Lakeway benefited greatly. During this time population growth started in the city and has continued ever since. What started as a simple hotel and resort has now become a municipality with over 8,000 residents. The town has its own governing body ran from City Hall, as well as a 200,000 square-foot medical facility, the Lakeway Regional Medical Center.

Like many other Austin-area suburbs, Lakeway has been largely unaffected by the housing crisis. As opposed to some other area suburbs, the popularity of the town has caused Lakeway to have an extremely high median home price. Prior to the housing crisis, values in the area rose to an average level of $315,000. The average price held strong throughout 2006 and 2007, but did see a slight fall in 2008 and 2009. The average home price dipped and found its bottom in late 2009, around the $285,000 range. In the last quarter of 2009, Lakeway has started to see its prices increase again, and now the average home price is back around $295,000.

Despite the dip in home prices, Lakeway has continued to perform well in terms of number of homes sold. There has been little decrease in number of properties sold throughout the entirety of the recession.

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