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As an independent Austin real estate appraisal company we provide services in the Lago Vista, TX area for numerous uses including mortgages, refinances, divorce, PMI removal, estate planning, tax disputes or appeals, selling and general value inquiries to name a few. We provide these real estate services to homeowners, mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, attorneys, investors and Realtors with the majority of our work coming by way of referrals from local Realtors and mortgage brokers.


Why Are We the Best Lago Vista Real Estate Appraisal Company?

Prompt Service – Our Appraisers Set Up & Deliver Evaluations Quicker Than Our Competition
We’re All Local – Our Appraisers Are Familiar With Central Texas Because They Live Here
Fair Fees – We Don’t Bill For Services And Report Types You Don’t Need
No On The Job Training – All Appraisers Are Fully Certified By The State Of Texas
Speedy & Helpful Service – We’ve Built Up Our Business On Testimonials From Delighted Customers


Local Lago Vista Appraisers Providing Property Valuations For:

Single-Family Homes
Multi-Family Homes
Lakefront & Waterfront Properties
Duplexes to Four Plexes
Investment and Rental Property
Vacant or Raw Land
Small to Medium Commercial


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Market Data & Historical Information for Lago Vista:

For Austin residents looking for a quick day trip to an idyllic setting there is really no better option in Travis County than the town of Lago Vista. Located just 19 miles northwest of Austin, this small town of 5,573 people sits on the shores of Lake Travis, and is home to numerous different types of leisurely activities.

The town itself offers some of the best landscapes that Central Texas has to offer. Sitting on the shore of Lake Travis, the town offers many different ways to enjoy the water. From boating to swimming and sailing, a wide range of aquatic activity can be enjoyed in this quaint small-town.

Lago Vista, which translates to “lake view” in Spanish, also offers beautiful natural settings outside the aquatic realm. Hundreds of square miles worth of bike paths and hiking trails crisscross the Lago Vista countryside. Hiking enthusiasts and mountain biking fans alike are able to take advantage of these trails with just a short 20 minute car ride from Austin itself.

Along with the beauty of the Lago Vista countryside itself, residents and visitors also have the opportunity to take a vantage of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, as Lago Vista is the gateway to the refuge. This refuge is an ideal spot for bird watchers and hikers. It was opened in 1992 and sits atop 46,000 acres of land. Its original purpose was to protect the endangered Black-capped Vireo and the Golden-cheeked Warbler birds, but due to the land’s inherent beauty, the refuge has become a popular tourist attraction and hiking locale.

Due to the scenic nature and inherent beauty of the area, Lago Vista saw huge spikes in property value starting in the late 1990s and lasting all the way until the recent housing crash. Unlike most of the other neighboring Austin suburbs, Lago Vista has seen quite a hit to its housing market in the last year.

The average home price in Lago Vista shot up over 30% from early 1990 until 2006. Values of homes in this time rose to the average price of $191,000. However, within the last 12 months the town has seen its value drop at an alarming rate. The average home price, which was still at $191,000 in January of 09, has since dropped to the price of $131,000 in September of 09. However, since September the average home price has increased back to $140,000 mark and it looks as though this town has seen the worst of the housing bubble.

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