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We provide real estate appraisal services in the Cedar Park, TX area for numerous uses including mortgages, refinances, divorce, PMI removal, estate planning, tax disputes or appeals, selling and general value inquiries to name a few. We provide these real estate services to homeowners, mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, attorneys, investors and Realtors with the majority of our work coming by way of referrals from local Realtors and mortgage brokers.


Why Are We the Best Cedar Park Real Estate Appraisal Company?

Quicker Reports – Nearly All Reports Are Completed Within 3 Business Days
We Are Local – Our Appraisers Know Central Texas Because They Reside Here
Straightforward Prices – We Do Not Bill For Extras And Forms You Don’t Need
No Appraisers In Training Or Apprentices – All Appraisals Are Carried Out By Certified Appraisers
Personable Service – Our Staff Members Are Always Personable, Accommodating And Professional


Local Cedar Park Appraisers Providing Property Valuations For:

Single-Family Homes
Multi-Family Homes
Lakefront & Waterfront Properties
Duplexes to Four Plexes
Investment and Rental Property
Vacant or Raw Land
Small to Medium Commercial
Cedar Park Home Appraisal


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Market Data & Historical Information for Cedar Park:

Cedar Park, Texas, an inner ring suburb of Austin, is not only one of the first towns of Williamson County it is one of the oldest settlements in Texas. In fact, due to its location on the water of Brushy Creek, it has been found in an archaeological dig that there are remnants of many different settlements on the location, dating back to almost 5000 BC.

Cedar Park as we know it today was initially founded as a fort for the Texas Rangers in 1836. This fort is widely believed to be the first building ever constructed in Williamson County. The Rangers, however, only occupied the fort for two months before they were called away to Bastrop to help settlers escape from Indian attacks. When Rangers returned in 1837, they found that the fort had been burned to the ground and they were forced to rebuild. Two years later, a few miles north, one of the worst massacres in Texas history, the Webster party massacre, occurred. This massacre was enough to scare off potential settlers for the next 10 years and as a result the area was slow to grow.

After enough time passed the massacre was forgotten and settlers started to trickle in. The area remained sparsely populated until the 1870s, when the area became well known for its cattle industry. One of the first settlers in the area was named George Washington Cluck, the man who later would found the town of Cedar Park.

In 1871, Cluck and his family completed a massive cattle drive to Abilene, despite constant attack from Indians and rustlers. Upon their successful return the family purchased 320 acres of land on the Creek and began to build a large log home. Other families came and began to populate the area around his home and this was the beginning of what is now Cedar Park. Initially, the residents decided on the name Running Brushy for their settlement and it remained the name until 1882 when it was changed to Bruggerhoff. At this point the Austin Northwest railroad purchased some land from Cluck and established a station there.

This railroad station is what would cause the small community to boom into a thriving city. Around this time residents started to complain about the name of their town, saying it was too hard to pronounce and too hard to spell. Upon urging from the residence, Cluck changed the name to Cedar Park and opened a one acre walking park directly across from the station. This park was a regular destination for residents of Austin to take day trips and enjoy the beauty.

Cedar Park continued to grow as a neighboring community to Austin all the way until the late 1900s. In the late 80s, as Austin was attempting to annex neighboring communities, Cedar Park was incorporated, and officially became one of the largest suburbs in the Austin area. In 1990, the population of Cedar Park was approximately 10,000. Due to its proximity to Austin and Austin’s booming growth, by the last census, the population had grown to over 90,000.

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