Desktop Express Appraisals

Need an Austin appraisal fast? Want to save money on that appraisal and receive a report within 24 hours? Introducing our desktop express appraisal service! Our express appraisal service was developed to fulfill a need we saw for a less expensive, yet thoroughly researched appraisal product that still provides an accurate and reliable valuation. We’ve […] read more

Appraisals for Home Insurance Issues

Home appraisals for residential property insurance issues are rare, since property insurance companies usually have their own adjusters; however, homeowners who wish to challenge their insurable value will need an appraisal performed by a qualified insurance appraiser. If you have suffered a claim and do not agree with the insurance company’s casualty loss estimate then […] read more

Investment and Rental Property Appraisals

Performing appraisals for investment and rental properties requires a higher level of understanding of the appraisal process. These types of appraisals are not just concerned with Fair Market Value derived from an analysis of comparable sales, but also rely heavily upon what is the known as the “Income Approach” for determining the value of a […] read more

Austin Divorce & Legal Appraisals

Legal matters that call into question the value of real estate will almost certainly require a determination of fair market value by a qualified Austin appraiser. One such situation that is all too common is a divorce. A real estate appraisal for a divorce requires a certain level or professionalism, an unwavering resolve for fairness […] read more

Austin Listing Appraisals

Listing appraisals are a great resource whether you are buying or selling a home. Not only can they provide a realistic value for a piece of real estate but, with our advanced statistics and market analysis information, our Austin appraisal reports can offer great insight into your immediate marketing area as well. Our listing appraisals […] read more

Home Measuring Services

The actual size of a home, and most importantly its Gross Living Area (GLA), is typically the most vital characteristic of residential real estate with square footage of a home having the largest impact on value. It’s no wonder that misrepresentation of a home’s size, accidental or otherwise, is the number one reason for residential […] read more

Austin Property Tax Protest Appraisals

There are many reasons for homeowners to protest their property taxes. From inaccurate county data, a decline in values within your market area, or simply due to the county property tax office raising taxes each year without cause. Unfortunately, despite whatever evidence you bring you are never on a level playing field when meeting with […] read more

PMI Removal Appraisal

Does your monthly mortgage payment include a PMI charge? Private Mortgage Insurance, sometimes called Mortgage Insurance Protection,  is assessed on homeowners that have less that 20% (some lenders require 25%) equity in their home. By law, mortgage lenders are required to allow you to remove PMI once you reach the required equity. In other words, […] read more

General Value Appraisals

There are many instances when you just need to know the value of a property and that is why we have developed the “General Value” appraisals. These types of appraisals are generally for private use and as such, need to be easy to understand while still conveying all the important information you’d expect to find […] read more

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