Texas Falls Behind New York in Commercial R.E. Development

Texas is home to half of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the United States, which puts it on the forefront of the economic recovery from the real estate burst of 2008. The state’s industry-friendly laws and lower jobless rates make it attractive for both families and businesses. The real estate market has been […] read more

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12 Tips to Help Realtors Avoid Low Home Appraisals & Skyrocket Closings

Even as the demand for housing continues at a near insatiable level, many Realtors are still faced with appraisals that are falling short of what buyers are willing to pay. This is the cause of a lot of friction between Realtors, appraisers, buyers and sellers. Here are a few tips for Realtors that may help them avoid future appraisal issues. read more

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Can You Buy a Home Cheaper With a Cash?

The assumption that a cash sale is more attractive to real estate sellers, no matter what the actual amount, is erroneous. Offering cash only becomes attractive if there is no possibility of a loan or mortgage to buy the property. No matter how much you borrow to buy a house, the seller receives the total […] read more

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