Tips for Keep Austin Property Taxes Low

Keep Up to Date with Your Current Taxes The onus of making sure your taxes are paid is your responsibility, according to the tax code. You don’t get away with not paying your taxes just because you didn’t receive your statement. It is up to you to find out what is due from the year […] read more

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Stop Using Zillow and Trulia

At the time of writing there are 837 Austin MLS homes available for sale where the MLS “syndication” setting is “no.” That means a sizable figure of 14% of single-family homes in the city are for sale, covering all sorts of budgets. Since these listing are not opted-in for syndication they are not going to […] read more

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Tract Neighborhood? Your Builder Doesn’t Matter

I’ve been asked in the past about whether a specific production builder is better than another in the same neighborhood. Honestly, the “name” of the builder really doesn’t matter when it comes to a home’s value. At least not when it comes to homes in tract neighborhoods and subdivisions; custom builders is a topic I […] read more

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Austin Among Top 10 Best Cities for Jobs

Austin is a popular place for overwhelming reasons. People love the amount of opportunities in the Lone State’s capital. It’s known as the best place for competition and the second best for entrepreneurial climate and business. While other cities in the state, like San Antonio or Houston, have helped to keep the state in the […] read more

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Bleeding Money with These Hidden Home Buying Expenses

It’s exciting, buying a home. But because of how much you’re looking forward to being a new homeowner, you might blindsided to all the additional costs that come with it. When you’ve already crunched the numbers and reviewed your mortgage rates and interests, studied the down payments and budgeted for it, you almost don’t want […] read more

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The Problem with Appraisal Management Companies

For all intents and purposes, Appraisal Management Companies (AMC) are nothing more than a fancy term for the middlemen who deal with lenders and real estate appraisers. And there have been quite a lot in recent years. Their role is essentially to serve as the buffer between the lenders and appraisers, with the goal of […] read more

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Best Rental Markets in Austin by Zip Code

Approximately 170 people move into the Austin area daily, creating a hot market for real estate agents and people who want to sell their homes. Real estate investors come from all over the United States to get in on the action in this popular spot. With a 25% down payment and positive credit, investors can […] read more

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Is Austin Real Estate Overvalued?

If you’ve been in Austin for any amount of time you’re likely to have come across the “Welcome to Austin. Please Don’t Move Here!” stickers. There is good reason many local Austinites feel this way, especially homeowners and those looking to buy real estate. According to Jed Kolko, the head economist on Trulia, one of […] read more

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How Long Do Short Sales Take in Austin?

The excitement of an announced short sale is often short-lived. Buyers spot the properties on the internet and make an offer. Unfortunately, time often drags on while they wait to hear back from the bank and the excitement fades. The majority of offers on short sale properties end with no response from the bank or […] read more

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