Stop Using Zillow and Trulia

austin-realtorsAt the time of writing there are 837 Austin MLS homes available for sale where the MLS “syndication” setting is “no.” That means a sizable figure of 14% of single-family homes in the city are for sale, covering all sorts of budgets.

Since these listing are not opted-in for syndication they are not going to the ListHub aggregator, which will usually provide the feeds for syndicators like Trulia and Zillow, among 60 or more other site. The two named are the most popular syndication websites and more notorious for aggressive marketing and advertisement space selling to the companies that usually give their listings for free.

These websites may seem like great options, but unless you’re just looking out of curiosity or are a nosy neighbor, they’re not the best. They don’t always have the most up to date and accurate information for the listings. They’re okay for those that are just casually thinking of buying a new home or want an idea of the price of homes in an area. However, these syndication websites don’t offer all the tools that a serious buyer needs. They’re also not the best for sellers and agents looking to advertise their properties.

The truth is that a whopping 99% of brokers in Austin have no idea about where their listings are placed, how they’re displayed or whether their content is manipulated in anyway. If you want to sell a property quickly and at a price that is close or above the market value, you need to know what’s happening with your listing information to keep things hassle free. Placing the listing on hundreds of websites around the internet where you have no control and power to remove them means that your work as a seller is made much harder.


If you’re using these types of sites as a consumer, it’s time to step away from them. The most up-to-date information on active listings can be found on If you’re looking for sales price information, you’ll need to look at county records or hire an appraiser or Realtor as a consultant.

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