Are Private Home Appraisals REALLY Private?

ARE-HOME-APPRAISALS-PRIVATEI’m often asked by clients “You Don’t Share the Appraisal Report With Anyone Do You?” The answer is not only “No, we don’t”, but that it would be a violation of the USPAP ethics section if we did. Per USPAP here is who we are allowed, or required to share appraisal results with.

An appraiser must not disclose (1) confidential information;  or (2) assignment results to anyone other than:

  • the client;
  • persons specifically authorized by the client;
  • state appraiser regulatory agencies;
  • third parties as may be authorized by due process of law; or
  • a duly authorized professional peer review committee except when such disclosure to a committee would violate applicable law or regulation

Furthermore, we are not allowed to DISCUSS the appraisal results with ANYONE except the client or the aforementioned authorities above if required to do so. Our client CAN request that we discuss the appraisal with a 3rd party but we usually ask that such requests be sent to us in writing (email is good enough) so that we may have it for our records.

So you don’t need to worry about anyone calling your appraiser and asking questions about an appraisal that you ordered: we can’t discuss it. This includes lawyers, Realtors, crazy ex’s etc. Nor do we send the appraisal to any 3rd parties such as the appraisal district.

So no worries – your valuation results are safe with us.

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